color scale WN8

WN8 color scale chart was updated


Higly percentile scales are not good if you need to check your skill improvement: A Gaussian scale it's just a survey for the in game population distribution. Just check how many stripes and stars or axes you have on your tanks and you stright away get an idea of how 95% plus you are how good you are with certain tanks and how bad with others. If you want to graphically understand your "shifting" in skill a proportional system where you don't just reside in "Big Average" chunk (Orange Green and Yellow) but shift with the same effort form one to another of the colours is much more readable. In the end to get that purple or that deep red status takes exactly the same effort (or lack of) then before.

28.07.2016 21:08:34


So it makes players with lower statistics look a better colour than they perform at, so what? It's neither a good or bad thing, if they're Very Good they might now be a lesser shade of blue but it still doesn't change the fact they are Very Good and not Great. So those that are saying the colour changes are a bad thing, yeah I can understand your reasoning about how it used to match original scale but at the end of the day it doesn't make a difference to how people perform. Bad players are still bad and if you're not Great or above then you're not a decent player so the incentive to do better and get good is still there no matter what colour you have

21.06.2016 11:42:50


All it does is make many feel better about their gaming ability...some previous yellow players are now green, some green are now blue, very few are deep red. The previous color scheme provided a player with more incentive to get better (oh, crap I'm red...I suck and everyone is telling me so).

26.05.2016 15:39:30


I know that some people who have better stats and consider that to make themselves worth more than others dislike it because it makes people with slightly worse stats a different color.... (hmpff....) but it makes more sense, 2 of each color right next to each other is logical

18.05.2016 23:39:38


Old one was better because was close to original. This one is just to keep bad players ego safe form ugly truth...

17.05.2016 00:33:37