Added assisted damage to stats page

Added following fields to stats page: average damage upon your spotting, average damage upon your shooting the track, average damage blocked by armor per battle and ratio of damage blocked by armor from AP, HEAT, and APCR shells to damage received from these types of shells.

Yo ohso

Console API does have this and it also has the same values on a vehicle by vehicle whereby PC does not have this.

27.03.2017 13:25:44


The console portal stats page shows assist damage from spotting and tracking. It also shows damage bounced and blocked. I wonder why it's not in the API?

21.03.2017 17:36:01


No, for console not possible because of API

20.03.2017 21:32:14


Good job.

Have you planned to extend this feature to console (xbox server) ?

19.03.2017 22:09:54


Is it mean WN9 will come?

19.03.2017 00:43:28