Expected Tank Values v27

WN8 Expected Tank Values were updated to the newest revision 27. Some rare and premium tanks were added. Players who own such tanks may suffer some WN8 drop. Other players could experience some negative/positive WN8 change.


can someone tell were i can read up on what WN7 WN8 and what the men and cover

19.09.2016 14:34:28


Is anyone else getting weird data from their T 50-2? It seems to be playing havoc with wn8.

24.08.2016 11:34:20


WN8 is cool but until there's a way to break out solo vs platooned WN8 then comparisons between players in the various tanks can't be taken seriously. The top players in the T26E4 with 6000+ WN8 is a perfect example of it. 3500-4000 is likely the upper limit on solo play in that tank for the best players globally. We have players running double to triple upper limits in that tank because they run in platoons a significant amount of time and the platoon can skew the win rate among other things WN8 takes into account substantially. Platooned players in the better platoons don't take damage at the same rates, damage ratio is skewed to the point where it's meaningless due to focus firing and wolf-packing. When you're running solo you're totally at the mercy of random teams. Then you see real numbers and can start to make meaningful comparisons.

30.07.2016 17:05:06