Console statistics section updated

There is a big update for console stats on wotinfo. From now the console stats page is merged with stats page of PC version. The players do not need to find their ID, the search is working with ingame names. The biggest advantages of this update are the increasing website performance and the availability of "extended" vehicle stats. Warning some people will experience an issue with daily stats, because the newer API works better as the old one and delivers more data.


"Trees cut" is number of trees you have knocked over

17.07.2016 03:37:18


No boot yet baby

I think trees cut means how many times you have knocked over trees.

13.07.2016 15:45:43

No Noot Yet Baby

Hi. Can some one tell me what is this "trees cut"?

Thank You.

10.07.2016 00:23:12


Why cant you see your average experience per battle on console,it has it for the PC,what's the difference?

16.06.2016 04:40:46


Yep you pay premium for this,good wargaming tatic,rigging everything,this game is so Russian anyway,so expect the best of frustration.

13.06.2016 14:28:17