Expected Tank Values v30

WN8 Expected Tank Values were updated to the newest revision.

WN8 v29.1

why wotinfo is not using the correct v29.1 expected tank values?

25.06.2017 21:57:37


My wn8 on wot info shows 1890 in game 1826 ??? Anyone shed some light on this plz

30.05.2017 11:16:47

XVM hallo?

Why xvm didn't update to it?

Every single stat showing web page updated expect XVM mod.

27.05.2017 21:29:41


Why XVM still didn't update new values?

Because they gonna make their own values

25.05.2017 04:19:33


This change seems to have made wn8 even less usable then before....

17.05.2017 08:22:31