Expected Tank Values v30

WN8 Expected Tank Values were updated to the newest revision.


This change seems to have made wn8 even less usable then before....

17.05.2017 08:22:31

Happy tomatoe and potatoe

What a shit. I lost over 150 wn8.. waiting for new patch

17.05.2017 08:13:12

V30 is junk

Go back to v29. Really I can't believe that all tanks from the same tier have the same expected values. So now the jager-e100 has the same expected dmg values than Fv215b 183 and foch155.. Bullshits

17.05.2017 08:02:00


I lost 122 of my wn8 WTF!

Fix that shit like before!

15.05.2017 04:38:20


Why XVM still didn't update new values?

12.05.2017 19:04:07