Expected Tank Values v30

WN8 Expected Tank Values were updated to the newest revision.


My wn8 on wot info shows 1890 in game 1826 ??? Anyone shed some light on this plz

30.05.2017 11:16:47

XVM hallo?

Why xvm didn't update to it?

Every single stat showing web page updated expect XVM mod.

27.05.2017 21:29:41


Why XVM still didn't update new values?

Because they gonna make their own values

25.05.2017 04:19:33


This change seems to have made wn8 even less usable then before....

17.05.2017 08:22:31

Happy tomatoe and potatoe

What a shit. I lost over 150 wn8.. waiting for new patch

17.05.2017 08:13:12