Weak points of Churchill III

Orange - commander, gunner, loader
Red - engine, fuel, transmission
Green - vulnerable zones
White - ammo rack
Blue - driver


Yeah, the church 3 was obviously British, but it was lend leased to the Russians, like a lot of British and American equipment.

04.05.2019 17:47:40


Churchill III

Is a English tank so I don't know why they put it in the Russian premium. I think this is either because the device made a mistake or it was a tank the Russians stole in the game

07.04.2018 13:13:26


Helpful, but why go to so much effort to photograph all these tanks, IN SUCH CRAP LIGHTING??

28.06.2017 06:33:13


The machine gun placed on the right of the main gun when facing the Churchill III is also a weak spot easily pen with AP shells.

02.08.2014 15:54:38