Weak points of E-100

Orange - commander, gunner, loader
Red - engine, fuel, transmission
Green - vulnerable zones
White - ammo rack
Blue - driver


The view ports and the bar that connects them seems to be the only weak spot from the front. Lower front plate also works if you have a round with enough penetration

23.03.2017 16:31:55


Never seen an e-100 get ammo-racked before.

08.10.2014 02:26:15


i agree with Jerry - i aimed at angled lower glacial when he came round the corner on el halluf - no damage

should have gone for end wheels

10.09.2014 21:05:13


You can deal damage when hitting the view port, however it is unlikely.

26.12.2013 08:37:36


Oh and 1 more thing: The Lower Frontal Glacis is very hard to penetrate from the front if it is angled.

And this view port right above the driver is not a weak spot. You will not do any damage.

22.11.2013 21:32:55